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Les      Croix

exclusive carp fishing in france

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation

Old School  Carp Fishing in France

          Since                2008                

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France - Les Croix

Welcome to Les Croix exclusive carp holidays in france with accomodation. If you are looking for high quality French carp fishing holidays at a beautiful venue then you have arrived at the right place ! We have been offering exclusive carp fishing holidays in France since 2008, and 2017 will be our 10th year in business. Over the years we have worked hard to create, maintain and improve our fishing holiday venue, and we have been rewarded, not only by seeing the evolution of the carp lake and site, but with a selection of happy, satisfied and loyal customers who return on a regular basis.

Finding an exclusive carp lake in france might appear to be easy as there are plenty to choose from, but finding a french carp lake that has quality accommodation, the right fish stock, and the on-site facilities and customer service that you require, can be tricky !

Carp fishing in France means many different things to many different people, so it’s important to choose a french carp lake that is right for you. We visited many carp lakes in France for our carp fishing holidays before moving here to live, so we knew what boxes needed to be ticked to make a successful and popular carp fishery in France.

Les Croix offer carp fishing in France with accommodation and we have several carp fishing holiday packages available, from self catering to all inclusive carp fishing holidays.


"A privelege to be able to fish here"... N.H.             Immaculately conditioned, hard fighting fish - the likes of which you will not see elsewhere .... J.N.            "OMG ! If Carlsberg did carp venues"... S.B.


 "The fishing was simply unbelievable !" ... RH/AH                  "After fishing in France for 35 years, every now and then you come across a gem ! That's what you have here at Les Croix"... R.P.

Carp fishing in France with Accommodation Exclusive carp fishing holidays France carp lakes france accommodation


Carp Fishing Holidays in  South West France - total exclusivity at a premium venue with big, beautiful French Carp and modern, lakeside accommodation which is amongst the best on offer in France. The holiday cottage overlooks a stunning

4 acre lake on a 10 acre secure fenced site.


Les Croix is a unique, professionally managed venue with an unrivalled stock of

pristine conditioned carp to make the catch of your dreams a reality !


This spring fed exclusive carp lake lies in a quiet, secluded valley in a peaceful, private rural setting which provides the ideal location for your relaxing carp fishing holiday.


We offer a choice of Exclusive Carp Fishing Holidays from self catering to

all inclusive - airport pickup, tackle hire, bait, and a 5-star food package.


Couples are welcome - exclusive lake hire is available with just one or two anglers.


A warm reception & 24/7 on-site service are included in all our carp fishing holidays !

Exclusive Carp Fishing - The best Carp Fishing in France experience !

Les Croix - your next Exclusive Carp Fishing Holiday in France.

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20 - 27th October


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