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Les     Croix

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Est.                                2007



Les Croix is one of the few venues in France where everything has been done legally from day one. The fishery is registered as a business in France, and all our carp have been purchased from bonafide sources. - we strongly disagree with the theft and illegal movement of carp which is still a problem in France, and now that the French authorities are clamping down on illegal lakes, imposing huge fines, we hope that these places will soon be a thing of the past.


We are proud to say that all the carp at Les Croix are in pristine condition - this is due

to the fishery rules and fish care procedures, all carp are weighed and photographed

in the lake. Having invested heavily in the fish stock, it's obvious that we would

want to protect the fish and preserve their condition so as to make it possible for

our clients to enjoy catching pristine condition carp - one of our primary aims.


The lake contains around 100 mirrors and 25 commons.


53 of these carp are from the eastern Corrèze Region and these are the

longer fish in the lake, stocked at 20-30lbs in 2007 and are now very big fish*.


22 more fish were purchased in December 2007 from a local water that we fished from 2004-2009 before it was commercialised, these carp are short deep bodied fish, fast growing and have already reached high weights. They were stocked into the lake as doubles.


There are also 50 smaller fish which are just 8 years old - these carp were  

purchased in 2009 as 9 month old fingerlings, weighing just a few ounces.

Currently in the 30 - 50 lbs class and rarely caught, these stunning young

carp, which are a 50/50 mix of mirrors and commons, represent the future of the

fishery.  With weight gains of up to 10lbs in 12 months it's not difficult to imagine that these

fish will soon become some of the lakes' bigger residents.


In 2016, we have seen a few singles which have been born in the lake, most probably in 2015. These will be controlled as appropriate. The management of the fish stock will continue as we strive to maintain the population of carp at the correct level, in order to produce good sport and continued growth.


You can find more info about the stock on our Facebook page. (Click on the News Tab).


* Weights of the fish vary and are often lower in the period June - August.