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At last.... an exclusive carp lake in France with luxury lakeside accommodation - but also with a stock of carp that will interest any experienced angler !


Here you can enjoy the best available angling environment with peace and tranquility, and an amazing fish stock, lakeside accommodation and on-site customer service -

but without the risk of having your holiday spoiled by others..... It's an old school venue - where proper carp fishing, casting your rods out and baiting up from the bank are the norm,

where fish can be caught in the margins and in daylight, and played to the net from the bank with no hidden snags or weedbeds to worry about...


 The venue, which opened in 2008, currently in its 10th season, offers a stunning 4 acre lake with an impressive stock of big fish

- and high quality lakeside accommodation, and is available for exclusive bookings only, from March to November.

A maximum of two anglers are allowed per week which ensures the most enjoyable and productive angling situation and a relaxing exclusive holiday.


The venue is unique, being owned by a qualified fisheries manager - this is a fishery that was created and managed correctly from day one.

Unlike the majority of French venues where revenue is the driving force and the fish are just seen as a commodity for generating income,

Les Croix is run with true passion by a carp angler of 30 years - who also has the relevant professional background and experience.


Unlike many French carp lakes offering accommodation, this fishery has a balanced stock of big carp and is open to serious experienced carp anglers 

(and a few less experienced ones who have the right attitude and outlook) - it's not an easy runs water but has a stock of fish that very few venues can aspire to.

We don't exaggerate about our fish stock as many other venues seem to do. Les Croix can produce a catch beyond your dreams !

Short sessions, resting the lake in between, combined with regular baiting produce the best results.


In May 2016, long time carper Jim Nicholson - on his first visit to Les Croix caught 19 fish including 2 upper 60's, 2 mid 50's, 7 x 40's and 5 x 30's. Not a one-off catch by any means -

the following week, 13 x 40's and 4 x 50's were caught, and all were different fish....If you want to know more about our fish please do get in touch Contact Us.  


We have never needed to advertise the venue - it has always operated "under the radar".  We believe that understated quality and word of mouth is the best policy -

although Les Croix is so good that many of our clients tend to keep the venue to themselves !


What we do offer is 100% accurate, honest and up to date information along with regular updates which are accessible on our Facebook page.


The feedback from 2008 when the venue opened, and the 80% rate of repeat bookings confirm the popularity of the venue. The English owners live on site and are available 24/7

offering an unrivalled level of service, ensuring the best holiday for you, and security for your tackle and belongings should you wish to leave the site.


Bait (Elite Baits boilies and high quality pellets) sold on site.   All inclusive airport package available.   Superb Optional 5-star Food Package.  


Special tariff for couples (1 angler / 1 non-angler).