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Les      Croix

exclusive carp fishing in france

Old School  Carp Fishing in France

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Limoges Park

One of Limoges beautifully maintained parks

Montrollet lake

The local village

of Montrollet

Confolens copy

The charming medieval town of Confolens on the River Vienne

Limoges old town

"Old" Limoges


Canoeing on the River Vienne

The majority of our customers find it so relaxing at Les Croix, that they do not want to leave the site - but if you wish to see a little more of the local area, the information on this page should be of use - on site you will also find an information pack giving details of local attractions...


Les Croix is situated in the "Pays du Charente Limousine", the area where the Regions of Poitou-Charentes and Limousin meet, and is characterised by beautiful rolling hills, heavily wooded areas, farmland and green fields and the area is studded with lakes.


On arrival at Les Croix, you will be presented with a welcome pack which gives details of all the local tourist attractions.  


Here is a useful website address, the site has plenty of information on the region :   http://www.discover-poitou-charentes.com/


This is a very rural area but excellent facilities are available a short drive away, there are a lot of excellent restaurants within 30 minutes drive of the lake, we have visited many of them and will be happy to advise you if you would like to eat out.


The Charente is officially the second sunniest Region in France after the Mediterranean coast and has long warm summers which often continue into November. The Limousin also offers many towns and villages to visit, including Mortemart which is 15 minutes drive, and has been voted one of the 130 most beautiful villages of France.  


The "Monts de Blond" which climb to over 1000 metres above sea level are very close by and can actually be seen from the lake, these are the first foothills of the "Massif Central" and provide an area of outstanding natural beauty, with forests, beautiful lakes and stunning scenery. Horse Riding in this amazing area is available and can be arranged for you.


There is also a bar/tabac/restaurant in St. Brice which does an excellent three course lunch for €12, only 10 minutes drive from the lake.


In Lesterps, only 10 minutes drive away, is a superb French Resataurant where you can have a 3 course evening meal for around € 25,

and it is one of the best restaurants we have ever visited in France !


There are plenty of shops in the large town of St Junien which is only 12 minutes drive from the lake.  


La Vallée de la Vienne runs through the area from Limoges through St.Junien and Chabanais and then to the very pretty medieval town of Confolens (pictured on the right and recommended for a visit) and is full of scenic countryside and charming, quiet French villages.


RECOMMENDED - Canoeing on the River Vienne, a 2.5 hour session starting at Excideuil which is a 30 minute drive from Les Croix, the organisers will collect you from Manot which is the finish point and drive you back to collect your vehicle at Excideuil. No experience is neccessary, the River is very beautiful and tranquil - it is a superb way to spend an afternoon and we can make all the arrangements for you.


The large city of Limoges is 35 minutes drive away, and has all the facilities you would expect to find in a large city.


The photo on the right shows a part of the old district of the city. The River Vienne flows through the city and there are several large public parks, an aquarium, many bars and restaurants and several shopping areas.


The nearest village is Montrollet which is within walking distance (or 2 minutes in the car) it has an Auberge (bar/restaurant) where you can have a drink at the bar or a 4 course meal for € 18.50 and sit outside on the covered terrace overlooking the Public Lake.


For anyone with an interest in history, we recommend a visit to the war memorial at the "martyr" town of Oradour sur Glane. Here, in the period leading up to the end of the second world war, after the alleged capture of a Nazi officer by the French resistance, all the inhabitants of the town were murdered by a division of the German Nazi Waffen SS and the village was destroyed. Oradour is only 10 minutes drive from Les Croix, it has been preserved exactly as it was left at the end of the war, and is a reminder to all of the atrocities committed in the war.