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Les      Croix

exclusive carp fishing in france

Old School  Carp Fishing in France

Exclusive French Carp Fishing Holidays with Accommodation



Fishing is from two large gravelled swims on the gite side of the lake.



Bivvies etc must be set up on the gravelled areas.



Depths in the centre of the lake are from 8 ft at the dam to 4 ft at the inlet with deep and shallow margins.



The bed of the lake is a mixture of sand, clay, stone and quartz

with an area of shallow silt in the centre of the lake.

There is no weed and there are no snags.


There is a small out of bounds area which contains large beds of lilies.



There is independant  gated vehicle access to the accommodation.



The site at Les Croix is fully fenced to 2 metres and  all gates

are kept locked ensuring total security for our guests.



We are on site at all times, so you can leave the lake for day trips etc, without any risk for your tackle or belongings.

The Lake

The Lake

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