Bait Packages


Only fresh or frozen boilies rolled by Elite Baits and the pellet sold on site are permitted.


Our boilies are hand rolled in the UK by Elite Baits. We use Elite Baits because of their no compromise ethic

regarding ingredients - only the best quality are used. In addition to the high quality fish meals, milk protein products, and bird food ingredients, Elite Baits are one of just a few manufacturers who continue to use fresh eggs rather than powdered substitutes, and only the best will do for our carp.


Our carp pellets are sourced from one of Europe's leading aquaculture suppliers - with the same outlook.


We stock two different baits from Elite ; 


Smokey Mackerel - An oil based attractor results in a pungent and distinctive oily fish aroma, used here

exclusively since 2011 and seen as a natural food source by the carp.

Liver SausageWith a high liver content and a subtle delicatessen aroma, this bait works well on its own

and is the perfect compliment to the smokey mackerel - it works very well with the two fished together.

2022 and beyond

Since 1st January 2021 it is no longer permitted to bring bait from the UK to mainland Europe.

The legislation concerned has meant that we have had to find a new bait supplier, luckily we have the services of Union Jack Baits, a bait producer that is based in Limoges that primarily supplies fisheries in France. From 2022, the bait sold here on site which is produced by this new supplier will be the only bait permitted, along with the Coppens pellet that is also available to purchase on site.

We will be stocking two varieties of bait ;

Coconut Cream - Rolled on a bird food type base mix, light yellow in colour and with a familiar aroma that can easily be compared with a very well known bait from one of the large UK bait manufacturers.

Cranberry Fish Plus - Rolled on a combination of bird food and fish/meat meal products with robin red & 3 other Haiths ingredients, green lipped mussel extract, and liver extract with a red fruit label.



Bait Prices      Boilies 15€/1kg        Pellets 30€/10kg


Combi bait deal   10kg  boilies + 10kg  pellets   €180


Boilie only bait deal  20kg boilies    €250


BIG bait deal  20kg boilies + 30kg pellets   300€



Advisory note


Aside from angling ability and the variable feeding response of the carp, insufficient baiting is often the reason

for poor catches. Discounted bait deals are offered with the intention of encouraging anglers to use more

bait during a weeks visit which in turn should see more fish caught.


Bait deals are supplied on the basis that all bait will be used on site during the holiday when it is purchased.

For this reason bait purchased as part of a deal can not be taken off site, but can be stored here for future trips.