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Bait Packages



Since the UK left the EU on 1st January 2021, it is no longer permitted to bring bait from the UK to mainland Europe. The legislation concerned has meant that we have had to find a new bait supplier in France - luckily we have the services of two

local British bait makers/suppliers.


From July 2022, the boilies sold here on site will be the only bait permitted, along with the pellet that is also available to purchase on site.


Cranberry Squid - Rolled on a robin red 40% fishmeal base with added birdfood,  milk protein, with extra added egg albumen, the bait is red in colour and has a pleasant fruity aroma with a more pungent yet subtle undertone. The bait is machine rolled, resulting in a firm, dense bait that is perfect for use with a throwing stick.

Liver Lobster Shellfish - This dark brown bait which has a pungent shellfish aroma has a high content of liver powder along with 40% fishmeal, milk protein and egg albumen, it is machine rolled, a firm, dense bait that is perfect for use with a throwing stick.

We stock wafter hookbaits to match both of the above baits. All boilies and hookbaits are 18mm.



Bait Prices      18mm Boilies 15€/kg        Pellets 3€/kg       18mm Wafters 10€/pot

Combi bait deal   10kg  boilies + 10kg  pellets   €150  (save 30€)


Boilie only bait deal  20kg boilies    €250 (save 50€)


BIG bait deal  20kg boilies + 30kg pellets   300€ (save 90€)


Advisory note - aside from angling ability and the variable feeding response of the carp, a poor baiting strategy is often the reason for poor catches. Discounted bait deals are offered with the intention of encouraging anglers to use more

bait during a weeks visit which, alongside good angling skills, should see more fish caught.


Bait deals are supplied on the basis that all bait will be used on site during the holiday when it is purchased.

For this reason bait purchased as part of a deal can not be taken off site, but can be stored here for future trips.

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