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Les Croix Exclusive Carp Lake - Stock

" A stock of quality and condition that you simply will not find elsewhere at this type of venue ".


These are not our words - they come from one of our regular customers, a seasoned angler who has been fishing for carp since

the late seventies, and who has fished many French Lakes.


Check out the catches on our Facebook page or click the photo below to go to the images page.


This is one of the few venues in France where everything has been done legally from day one. The fishery and business is legally registered in France, and all of our original stock carp were purchased from bonafide sources. The rest have been bred on site and originate from the gene-pool of the original stock. The carp are a mix of deep bodied fish originating from the Brenne fisheries, and longer fish from the Correze Department to the east.


100 mirrors and 40 commons inhabit the lake, an average weight well over 40 pounds, weekly catches always feature forty pound plus carp, with most weeks seeing fish of 50lbs+ in the net. The majority of the carp landed being in excess of 30lbs. Interestingly and unusually, the smaller younger fish are often absent form anglers catches. There are at least 40 carp present over 40lbs in weight, with 15 different fish in excess of 50lbs - but it is the pristine condition of the carp that puts Les Croix in a different league to many other similar venues !


Although the number of large carp is remarkable, as already stated we do not focus purely on the size of the fish - there are carp of all sizes in the lake, including some pretty, heavily scaled mirror carp in the 30-40lb bracket. And a number of young fast growing fish from 15lbs to 35lbs. There are also around 40 commons in the lake going up to 45lbs +


We are extremely proud to say that all the carp in our fishery are in pristine condition - this is due to the fishery rules and fish care procedures in place - all carp, regardless of their size are weighed and photographed in the margins of the lake using our own adapted mix of unhooking mats, weigh slings and weigh stations. All items in the venues' carp care system are of top quality equipment.


Having invested both financially and historically in the fish stock, we want to protect the fish and preserve their condition so as to make it possible for our clients to enjoy catching pristine condition carp - we believe that the appearance and condition of the fish is more important than their weight, and that all carp regardless of their size deserve the same respect and treatment.


We have an ongoing stocking programme, we have been releasing young fish into the lake since 2010 that have been stocked for the future of the fishery. These fish have already reached weights above 60lbs !


You can find more info about the stock, and weekly catch reports on our Facebook page.

If you are looking for personal recommendations, try contacting some of our regular clients there.


* As with any fishery, weights of the fish vary and are lower in the post-spawning period June - August.

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

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