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Food Packages

The Les Croix package (available April/May/June/October) offers clients a choice of delicious meals,  all of which are prepared on site using only quality ingredients and fresh produce. The price for the weekly package is 200€ per person (100€ under 10's) and includes a continental breakfast and a 2 course evening meal. *


A look through the feedback section will confirm the quality of the food available at Les Croix !


 Continental Breakfast Selection - included in food package ; Cereals, milk, croissants, toast, butter, sunflower spread, eggs, ham, cheese,   chorizo, a selection of jams,  yoghurt, fruit.


 Evening Meals - included in food package (20€/day as option)


Please note that due to limited preparation time on changeover day on Saturday, either Chilli Con Carne or Spaghetti Bolognese will be provided, the Sunday meal will normally be a roast dinner unless clients request something different.


One dish from the menu per day is prepared.


British Classics


 Sunday Roast   Roast loin of pork with all the trimmings - roast potatoes, selection of vegetables & gravy.

 Pork Chop A succulent pork chop served with creamy mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy. veg.

 Ham, Egg and Chips Thick slices of succulent ham served with 2 fried eggs and chips.

 Braised Liver and Onions Liver with sliced carrot, slow cooked in a rich onion gravy served with mashed potatoes & petits pois.

 Beef Burger & Chips Beef burger made from 100% prime limousin (0% fat) beef mince served in a bap with chips & salad.

 Cottage Pie Prime Limousin 0% fat mince  with peas and carrots topped with creamy mashed potato and savoy cabbage.

 Traditional Beef Stew Slow cooked chuck steak with in a rich gravy served with boiled or mashed potato and green vegetables.8.


European Classics


 Chicken Chasseur Whole chicken breast in a white wine and mushroom sauce, served with potatoes & veg.

 Spaghetti Bolognaise High quality 0% fat minced beef in a traditional Italien style tomato sauce with herbs.

 Sausage Casserole Basquaise   A delicious, spicy, casserole with sausages, onions, and haricot beans in a paprika and

 tomato sauce served with creamy mash and seasonal green vegetables.


Spicy selection


 Szechuan Chilli Chicken   Chicken breast pieces in a rich spicy soy & yellow bean sauce served with egg fried rice

 Chicken Balti Chicken breast, onions in an aromatic spicy indian curry sauce served with basmati rice or chapatis.

 Chilli Con Carne   Prime Limousin minced beef (no fat) cooked with plenty of chilli for a good kick!  Served with basmati rice

 Thai Red Curry   A spicy curry cooked with red curry paste, coconut milk, red chilli and kaffir lime leaves, served with Egg Fried Rice

 Mexican Fajitas  Strips of succulent chicken breast, fried red and green peppers and caramelised onions in a spicy tomato sauce

 served with tortilla wraps.

Salads with the ingredients of your choice (ham, beef, cheese, tuna, smoked duck etc or half pizza) presented on a large bed of lettuce,   cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, and served with fresh crusty bread.


 Desserts included with Evening Meal - Cheesecake | Ice Cream | Chocolate Mousse | A selection of fresh French Patisseries - desserts served with cream, ice cream,  or creme anglaise.


* Food packages subject to limited availability (April/May, September/October).

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