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Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation
Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation

Now and Then - Jim Nicholson


Long term carper Jim Nicholson first visited Les Croix in May 2016 and put together one of the best catches ever at the venue, with 2 x upper 60's, 2 x mid 50's, 7 x 40's, 5 x 30's and one twenty... he is now a Les Croix regular and is fortunate to be able to enjoy two trips a year. With his simple but efficient approach, Jim remains one of the most consistent catchers at the venue.


...I well remember my first glimpse of Les Croix, it transported me back to more peaceful times . Days when carp fishing was an altogether more esoteric pursuit - fish were unnamed, bait came from a tin and hair rig was a U boat captain. Time moves on and carp fishing has become high tech, but I wonder, do the fish know ? If so I am sunk. My fishing is firmly stuck in the past...


Last year when I discovered Les Croix it seemed I had found Nirvana. A place where Helen and I could relax and enjoy rural France and maybe catch a few fish whilst unwinding. The weather was fair the fish were feeding and there was no bait conundrum to muse over. Luckily the fish didn't seem to mind my quaint approach and a number of specimens graced the net (with Jon's help) topped by the big common, a truly immense fish of 69-04. PB's were set and surpassed daily. All expectations exceeded and a return in 2017 booked without a second thought.


Our 2017 trip is nearly upon us, last year etched deep in our memories. My expectations are humble but hopeful. I look forward to the whole experience as I enjoy every aspect of carp fishing. The mundane; filling spools, tying rigs, baiting up, casting and the sublime tantalizing wait in anticipation of the first indication. My only adversary the noble carp.


Jon has created a magical haven. An idyllic lake in beautiful, secluded,  peaceful surroundings, with manicured banks and luxurious swims and every last detail attended to. The magnificent Carp!  The condition of the fish purely down to Jon’s hard work, considerable knowledge, expertise and extremely sensible rules and handling regime. The very best in all regards !


Sometimes things fall into place and fortunately for a blissful week in May 2016 the carp gods smiled in my direction. My carp fishing adventures started prior to bait boats, barrows and bait-runners. Carp were still mythical mysterious creatures, seldom caught and rarely named, a 20 being a specimen and a 30 a huge fish.


Here we are nearly 40 years on and pictured below is an old man with part of his "Catch of a Lifetime".

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