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Les Croix - old school carp fishing in France and professional fishery management - the keys to a perfect carp fishing holiday.


The Les Croix Carp Fishing Experience is far removed from the UK carp scene of overcrowded waters, booze on the bank, bait boats, so called "carp consultants" - queuing for swims and the "catch at all costs" attitude which prevails on many UK day ticket waters  which results in poorly conditioned carp with mouth and body damage.


Having first wet a line when I was 6 years old, having been a carp angler for more than 40 years, and having witnessed the "evolution" of carp fishing from the early 1980's, my desire was to offer an old school venue in France for the current day  - where the carp are not paranoid and neurotic to the point that they will only feed at night... and where having the lake completely to yourself and catching beautiful pristine carp in the daytime and from the margins is actually possible as it was back in the 1980's !


This venue is about tranquility, exclusivity and relaxation, - much more than just fishing. Les Croix is not open to anyone and everyone, a lot of hard work has gone into creating this venue from scratch, and we are now in the fortunate position to be able to be selective about our clients - we look for experienced anglers, but also welcome those who may have less experience but have the right attitude and outlook, anglers who are willing to learn and who really appreciate what carp fishing is about, enjoying the surroundings and facilities, along with nature and the wildlife.  In addition we also look for polite and respectful people whom we can hope to welcome back to the venue in the future.


The owner is semi retired and we limit the number of weeks booked each season which is beneficial for both carp and clients - the low pressure angling environment means that excellent opportunities are available.....


Located at the top of a wooded valley in the eastern corner of the Charente at around 1000ft above sea level, the spring fed lake is surrounded by woods and farmland - wildlife includes deer, wild boar, lizards, red squirrels, buzzards, kites, osprey, kingfishers, not to mention the frogs in springtime, and more besides .... we have even seen the odd preying mantis !



Key benefits of booking an exclusive carp fishing holiday at Les Croix


Exclusivity - No other anglers , no conflicts or arguments - the lake is exclusively yours for the week - just you and the carp !


Lake Size/Angling Pressure - for a nice relaxing holiday with an improved chance of good fishing, smaller waters are the best choice - you will not be far from the fish, so you will reduce the odds of the fish not finding your bait !  At around four acres, Les Croix is perfect for one or two anglers. The limited number of bookings and the reduced angling pressure, a result of the way we run the lake, means that great daytime fishing is possible !

Management -  Les Croix - the only carp lake in France that is owned and managed by a UK qualified fisheries management professional. The owner, Jon Perkins is an ex Fisheries Officer of the N.R.A./Environment Agency in England with 10 years working experience in the field of freshwater fisheries management, an Honours Degree in ecology and holds both the Certificate and Diploma of the Institute of Fisheries Management - the Diploma qualification that was obtained in 1991 was held by less than 100 people in the UK.


The Carp - The lake is spring fed and has an abundance of natural food which is supplemented by high quality feed during the closed periods. Most carp anglers visiting France want a chance of some big fish - we have in excess of 50 different 40lb+ fish, as well as 15 different fish over 50lbs going right up to 70lbs. The total number of carp is around 140, which provides the opportunity

for excellent sport, and with some stunning specimens in the lake, there is a very good chance of something to remember during your trip.


Location - Les Croix is situated in the beautiful Charente-Limousine area of South West France where the departments of Charente, Haute-Vienne and Vienne meet, a region of rolling countryside, hills, woodland, lakes and rivers - with a very desirable summer climate - the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region is one of the  sunniest areas of France - this can make a big difference to your holiday !


As mentioned elsewhere, there is a good 4G phone signal, and from 2022, wi-fi is available in the accommodation.


If you are interested in seeing some of France during your stay, you won't be disappointed with the beautiful surrounding area.


Our aim provide fantastic carp fishing holidays in France with big and beautiful carp in pristine condition, excellent facilities and a quality on-site service for our guests - a holiday to remember and a venue to visit again.


A look at our feedback pages will give you a good idea of how our customers have felt about their holidays at Les Croix.


The professional background in fisheries management guarantees that you will be fishing a lake where things are done correctly. Apart from the fisheries background, Jon has also been an all-round angler since the age of 8, having fished for the school team, then on the club match circuit, progressing through into specialist angling for pike, barbel and tench, and has been a carp angler for 40 + years.

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