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Return to Les Croix - John Richards


Due to family reasons we were not able to visit in 2013, so it was getting on for two years since we had last been here.

On my 2012 trip I caught 25 carp from low doubles up to 55lbs 12ozs with three 40's included in the catch. I like to fish from

around 7:00 AM through to 7:00PM and then spend the evenings enjoying the delicious home cooked food, and relaxing with my wife.


This year our trip was much earlier in the year (April). I started fishing on Saturday evening, and by Sunday afternoon with not so

much as a twitching bobbin, I was thinking that perhaps I had lost my touch or that Jon had sold all the fish !

Everything changed suddenly for the better that evening though when I banked my first fish of the trip - a massive common

weighing in at more than 64lbs, which was a new lake record - and a new PB for me !


Fishing just from 7AM through until 6PM for the remainder of the week, by the time Friday evening came around I had taken

14 stunning, hard fighting quality carp - 4 x 30's, 7 x 40's, 2 x 50's and the big common at 64lbs+. All in superb condition.

The average weight was 45lbs.... Wow - what a week !


I have been carp fishing for nearly 40 years and I have fished all over France including many of the well known lakes that hold big carp but have never experienced this sort of quality, size, and energy in carp.


I was a little unsure about the fish care procedures at the venue, as all fish are dealt with in the water, but once I had caught a

couple of fish and been through the procedure with Jon helping out, I realised that it was actually much easier to do everything

in the margins of the lake than to haul fish onto the bank. It is certainly more fish friendly, and the condition of the fish proves

this to be the case. Having the chance to catch some cracking fish in the daytime and spend time with Sally in the evenings, makes Les Croix the perfect  place for our holiday. We will be back next year for more relaxation and hopefully another week like this one !

Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation
Exclusive Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation
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